Rock Phosphate in Egypt – Rich Natural Resources of Egypt

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silica sand in egypt

Egypt is a country of many facets. While many know that the country has a rich historical legacy with its world famous monuments, particularly the pyramids, not many know that it is also rich in natural resources. The country’s eastern border for example, has its fair share of natural resources. The southern part of the country is also a hub for several minerals, which are exported around the world. The coastal provinces of the county are particularly rich in Silica sand. In fact, silica sand in Egypt is exported globally.

Another material that is found in abundance in Egypt is rock phosphate. Again, rock phosphate Egypt is exported around the world. Most of it is exported to countries in North America, Asia and Europe. Rock phosphate is a material that is considered a key ingredient in fertilizers and it is not surprising that it is in demand. The country is just behind China when it comes to production of rock phosphate. With projects such as the Abu Tartu phosphate project, it is giving China run for its money. In fact, India, which is the world’s biggest consumer of rock phosphate, imports most of its requirements from Egypt.

Further research is going on for finding further rock phosphate in Egypt. With mining exploration getting more and more sophisticated, it could be only a matter of time before there is an increase in the number of mines in the country.

Rock Phosphate

It is not that the country has become a hub for natural minerals in recent times. Mining has been going on in Egypt since ancient times. There are several historical references which point out to mining activities in the country since the times of the Pharaohs. A good example is available in the form of calcium copper silicate, which is found in abundance in the country. In fact, the material is known as “Egyptian Blue” these days. This coloring pigment has been used in Egypt for several centuries now.

While Egypt rock phosphate is famous, its gold too is famed. Recent mining research has shown that the country could be sitting on large deposits of gold. This is in addition to the healthy reserves of coal that is produced in the country. The coal produced in Egypt is used widely in thermal power plants for producing electricity. The country has also got vast deposits of tantalite too.

The country’s large deposits of natural resources have been one of the key contributory factors in the rapid economic growth that has taken place in recent times.


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